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Alpro Milk Alternative For Professionals

Soya, Almond, Coconut & Oat!

Milk Alternative for Professionals!!

Coffee & Equipment are proud to be supplying the Alpro ‘For Professionals’ range. Alpro ‘For Professionals’ is a long life, plant-based alternative to milk. Specially blended for coffee! It helps you to make the perfect cappuccinos and lattes for your customers. With consistent work ability and high-quality micro foam, your baristas can guarantee a professional delivery every time.

Serve delicious coffees with Alpro ‘For Professionals’

  • Easy to froth.
  • Shiny, thick microfoam*.
  • Perfect for latte art developed with and for baristas.
  • An inspiring extension of your coffee menu.

(*) Use chilled and froth to maximum 60-65°C

The health benefits of Alpro ‘For Professionals’

  • 100% plant-based, with no animal fats.
  • Easy to digest as naturally lactose-free.
  • Dairy-, gluten- and wheat-free.
  • Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Available in single or carton lots.

Soya 1L (12)

Coconut 1L (12)

Almond 1L    (8)

Oat 1L (8) – Not Stocked

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