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Faema Legend E61

Faema’s mission is to be recognised as a world leader in the production of professional machines for espresso coffee beverages; To stay one step ahead of the market, offering innovative, superior-quality products.

That’s why Coffee & Equipment are proud to supply their machines.


  • Automatic boiler fill.
  • Built in volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during the whole extraction process, unlike lever machines.
  • Two pressure gauges, to control the pump and the boiler pressure
  • Adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent).
  • E61 is available in the semi-automatic version “Legend” and in the automatic one “Jubilé”, which features dosed hot water and beverage selections.
  • Stainless steel elegant body.
  • Preinfusion system, meaning the extension of the contact time between the water and the ground coffee before extraction ensures optimal favours

Available in Group 1, 2 or 3

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