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Kia Kaha Christchurch!

With the disaster that has hit our friends and family in Christchurch we would like to pass on our deepest sympathies and love to all the people affected.

While it is a dark time for all it has been absolutely fantastic to see the human spirit come through with all the people helping one another from all over New Zealand and the world. This support is vital not only now but also into the future while the people of Christchurch rebuild their lives.

 We commend all those that have donated to the people of Christchurch in your own ways.

From our end we decided that useful products would be the best thing to donate and have been able to send up tea, coffee, takeaway cups, sugar, shampoo and soap. While getting these items together we thought it would be a good idea to ring around some of the orchardists to see if we could get some fruit to send up also.

 Before we knew it we had 11 pallets of fruit donated, which is just fantastic, so I must put out a big thank you to the local Cromwell orchards for their contribution which I am sure will be very well received. A special mention needs to be made to Jones Orchard for donating up to 10 pallets of apples. Mainfreight Cromwell has also put their hand up by transporting the goods to the Salvation Army in stages at their own cost. We are incredibly proud of how our local people have dug deep for Christchurch and it is awesome to see the whole nation come together like this at such a time of need.

 We wish to add our voice to the nation and say ‘Kia Kaha Christchurch; we are by your side!’

As a side note due to the disruption from the earthquake we had a large amount of enquiries for coffee beans from many cafes that use other coffee suppliers. We were fortunate enough to be able to supply those cafes with coffee beans to keep them operational.

This is a great reminder that even if you use another supplier for your coffee beans, we are available to help, and are happy to do so especially if you can’t get beans or any other stock to keep you doing business.

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