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Domestic Grinders

Coffee & Equipment pride ourselves in supplying high quality domestic Machinery.
Our domestic grinders are small and stylish enough for any house or office, contact us for more information.

Nemox Domestic Grinder

Nemox provide professional coffee grinders with stainless steel body. Nemox uses conical mills, in hardened, tempered steel, to guarantee a long working life and excellent performance over time. The powerful engine is equipped with a reduction system that allows the speed to be reduced from 10,200 to 800 RPM.
A low milling speed is very important since it ensures the coffee is not overheated, which might lead to a burnt flavour.


Ceado E5P Electronic Grinder

Productively, a giant! The compact design fits easily into any premises while the extreme ease-of-use makes it ideal for any operator.

  • Steady Lock Grinder – unique in the world, this system ensures a constant distance between the burrs, perfectly keeping the chosen grinding consistency
  • Hands-free operation – the easily adjustable portafilter catch allows coffee doses to be ground directly into the portafilter, without occupying the barista
  • Easily cleaned – the transparent polycarbonate hopper has a completely smooth interior with no corners, making periodic cleaning simpler & more effective
  • Strong, reliable materials – light alloy housing, asynchronous motor with thermal cut-out & polycarbonate hopper

Mazzer Mini Grinder

Coffee & Equipment bring you the legendary Mazzer Mini grinder for your home

  • Grinder grindstone flat, ideal for low power consumption (decaf, single origin).
  • Adjustment micrometric grinding continues.
  • Stepless Micrometrical Grinding Adjustment
  • Available with manual grinding cycle

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