Almond Apple Pie Banana Blackberry
Blackcurrant Blood Orange Blue Curacao Blueberry
Butterscotch Caramel Chai (Chai Latte) Cherry
Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Cinnamon Coconut
Coffee Elder Flower Ginger Gingerbread
Green Apple Green Mint Grenadine Hazelnut
Irish Creme Kiwifruit Lavender Lime
Lychee Macadamia Mandarin Mango
Mojito Mint Passionfruit Peach Pina Colada
Pineapple Pink Grapefruit Pomegranate Popcorn
Raspberry Rose Roasted Hazelnut Salted Caramel
Strawberry Vanilla Violet Walnut Brownie
Watermelon White Chocolate
Peach Iced Tea Mango Iced Tea Lemon Iced Tea Raspberry Iced Tea
*Not all bottles held in stock, subject to availability, ask your Coffee & Equipment representative for more information.
*Pumps also available

Monin Fruit Smoothie Puree

Great fruity drink that is easy to make. A unique formula made up of 50% whole fruits minimum, which opens new possibilities for smoothies, cocktails, mocktails and any fruit based recipe.

Available in Banana, Mango, Strawberry, Red Berries and Raspberry


Monin Chocolate & Caramel Sauce


Creamy gourmet sauces for making iced drinks, milkshakes, for desserts or to add to your baking.

Also great for decorating your coffee or hot chocolates.

*Pumps also available