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DECENT Digital Milk Thermometer


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DECENT Digital Milk Thermometer

Durable, water & shock resistant

Designed for Coffee this milk thermometer helps you steam milk to the perfect temperature, as well as helps you to achieve glossy & creamy micro-foam.

  • The Foaming Secret

Experts know to stop foaming at 40°C and then plunge the steam wand until the final milk temperature is reached.

  • Audible Temperature

Beeps when you reach or exceed your milk, stops beeping when you pour the milk out.

  • Temperature Pre-sets

Single-button, press pre-sets for

  • Less-warm (60°C),
  • Normal (65°C),
  • Extra-hot (70°C).

Or set the exact temperature in 1° increments.

  • Out of the way

The clip shape holds the display aside the milk jug, thermo-probe centered. The temperature face doesn’t obstruct your view of the frothing surface.

  • Long Lasting

Uses two included LR44 batteries for 200 hours of continuous use.



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