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Dilmah Exceptional Real Leaf Tea- Individually Paper Wrapped


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Dilmah Exceptional Flavours:

English Breakfast 50’s- A bright morning tea, with body, strength, colour and pungency representing the essence of fine Ceylon tea. The beautifully even Broken Orange Pekoe leaf yields a burgundy coloured liquor which is robust and strong yet bright with a bold personality

Earl Grey 50’s-  A bold and bright single region Ceylon Tea, grown at around at 5,500ft. above sea level, and gently fused with Bergamot flavour. This floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea.

Peppermint & Cinnamon 50’s-  a lightly spiced infusion that is tinged with the sweet and woody notes in cinnamon and mingles amidst a minty freshness from the peppermint leaves. A lively infusion that leaves the palate refreshed and aromatic.

Fragrant Jasmine Green 50’s- An inspiring green tea with bold leaf appearance, combined with petals of natural jasmine flowers. The liquor produced by this combination is mild and gentle, the special fragrance and a touch of sweetness from the night blooming jasmine flower. A calming and meditative tea.

Lively Lime and Orange 50’s- High grown Ceylon Pekoe offering a bright and golden liquor in exotic embrace with Orange, Lemon and Lime. The sparkle of lemon with a touch of tartness from the lime, is deliciously balanced by the brightness in the tea, and the sweet, juicy Orange flavour. A deliciously aromatic tea, perfect for Afternoon Tea or after dinner, and a good choice for homemade real iced tea.

Rose with French Vanilla 50’s- Inspiringly aromatic with a medium bodied floral note, the flavour of rose with a hint of French Vanilla combines with Ceylon tea in a perfect embrace. Elegant and sophisticated, a perfect afternoon or after dinner tea with a touch of romance.

Berry Sensation 50’s-  High grown Single Region Ceylon Tea in fruity harmony with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry. The complex of flavours come together in a perfect marriage of berry flavours to offer a pleasingly light and fragrant tea. Ideal taken hot or iced.

Ceylon Green 50’s– Gently steamed Ceylon Green tea with a mildly astringent taste, characteristic of the finest green tea. The pale yellow infusion is tinged with olive highlights. A pleasant, delicate tea with a lightly sweet finish. Comes in box of 50 individually enveloped luxury teabags.

Chamomile 30’s- Inspiringly light, delicate and golden. Chamomile flowers are gentle and aromatic. The clear infusion is tinged with a fruity note to offer a sophisticated infusion. Ideal for winding down at the end of the day and a well known aid to a good nights sleep. Comes as 30 individually enveloped luxury teabags.

Ceylon Spice Chai 50’s- Natural & authentic chai combining clove, ginger, cinnamon & ceylon black tea. This warming tea offers a piquant & spirited real chai.

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Berry Sensation, Ceylon Green, Ceylon Spice Chai, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Lively Lime & Orange, Peppermint & Cinnamon, Pure Chamomile Flowers, Rose & Vanilla



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