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Dilmah Vivid Loose Leaf Tea


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Coffee & Equipment are proud suppliers of Premium Dilmah Tea.

Dilmah is unique; a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea, it is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeing business as a matter of human service.

Tea is Nature’s gift to mankind. A beverage that heals, protects and refreshes, it is also infinite in variety, changing subtly with the natural alchemy of sunshine, soil, wind, rain and temperature. That beautiful variety in tea is as much a challenge as a deliciously indulgent reward for whilst nature gives us a tea to suit every mood, and desire, she demands expertise in understanding and selecting the finest. That expertise can only come from a passionate commitment to tea.

Dilmah Vivid Tea

This range of gourmet tea offers a delicate attitude and makes for a sophisticated choice in many ways.


  • Pure Peppermint 30g- This Pure Peppermint loose leaf infusion is naturally caffeine free and ideally enjoyed after a meal. The natural peppermint oil in the leaves imparts a menthol aroma and adds sparkle to the infusion, making for a cooling and energising experience. Try it with a touch of honey as a mild and delicious accompaniment to your day.
  • Gentle Chamomile 40g– Loose leaf Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed by many as a tonic for centuries. It has a serene character and wonderful aroma. The daisy-like Chamomile flower, where the subtle flavour is concentrated, has an uplifting aroma reminiscent of apples. It is often enjoyed as a gentle, naturally caffeine free infusion in the evening.
  • Elderflower & Apple Infusion 140g – A naturally caffeine-free loose leaf infusion offering a delicious apple fragrance and crowd-pleasing flavours. Citrus and green apple complement elderflower and elderberries to produce a fresh, summery infusion.
  • Natural Infusion of Blueberry 175g- Blueberries lend their soft, tangy flavours to this intense caffeine-free infusion. A loose leaf fusion of berry, orange and sweet fruit notes offer a delicious all-natural fruit, herb, and spice flavour combination.
  • Blood Orange & Eucalyptus 175g- An inspired loose leaf blend of sweet orange, lemon and spice in a beautiful ruby red infusion. Strong and tart, the lively fresh berry and orange notes are balanced by the bracing, pungent scent of eucalyptus.
  • Ceylon Breakfast Tea 150g- An essential gourmet tea experience ; tea from Ceylon’s western high grown region, where the varying climatic conditions produces a perfectly balanced tea. A ruby red liquor yields the best of Ceylon in a tea that offers richness, depth and the slightly grassy, bright note of high quality, fresh tea. Neither too strong nor too light, a delicious tea to wake up to, to revive or simply relax with. A tea for connoisseurs.
  • Aromatic Earl Grey Tea 165g– A bold and bright single region Ceylon tea, grown at around 2000ft above sea level and gently fused with Bergamot flavour. The result is a balanced, medium strength tea with the citrus note that is known as Earl Grey. This floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea.
  • Naturally Pure Green Tea 100g- Gently steamed Ceylon Green tea with the mildly astringent taste typical of fine green teas. A pale yellow infusion is tinged with olive highlights. A pleasant tea with a lightly sweet finish.
  • Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea 100g- An inspiring green tea with bold leaf appearance, combined with petals of natural Jasmine flowers. The liquor produced by this combination is light and gentle; the special fragrance and a touch of sweetness comes from the night blooming Jasmine flower.
  • Ceylon Spiced Chai Tea 125gA spectacular profusion of tea with artisanal, Sri Lankan herbs and spices, combining ginger, clove, cinnamon and lemongrass with turmeric & a hint of pepper in an ayurveda inspired chai. Best enjoyed with honey and a wedge of orange, lemon or mint leaves.


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Aromatic Earl Grey, Blood Orange & Eucalyptus, Ceylon Breakfast, Elderflower & Apple Infusion, Fragrant Jasmine Green, Gentle Chamomile, Natural Infusion of Blueberry, Naturally Pure Green, Pure Peppermint, Springtime Chocolate Mint



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