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Monin Syrups


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Monin Syrups are great in every day coffee or to make milkshakes, on ice cream, frappes and even in baking.

With 100 years of experience, MONIN has become the brand of choice of the gourmet flavour business with over 140 flavours available in 140 countries.

Over the years, MONIN has created a worldwide business and now the brand is distributed in more than 140 countries, which represents 75% of their business outside France. Today, they have four production facilities, one in the USA which serves The Americas, two in Europe and the last one in Malaysia serving Asia. Now, MONIN is able to be very close to their customers, so they can really respond to their needs.

Available in:

  • 1L PET Bottles
  • 700ml Glass Bottle

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Butterscotch 700ml, Caramel 1L PET, Chai 1L PET, Chocolate 700ml, Gingerbread 700ml, Hazelnut 1L PET, Lemon Tea 700ml, Peach Tea 700ml, Raspberry Tea 700ml, Salted Caramel 700ml, Strawberry 700ml, Vanilla 1L PET, White Chocolate 700ml



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