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Orb Premium Coffee Beans 1kg


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Orb Latitude – 100% Arabica Beans

This blend of 100% Arabican beans was selected from Brazil, Costa Rica and Uganda. These regions deliver beans that can handle a dark roast without becoming overly bitter or sour. The Costa Rican blends bring dark cocoa notes in on top of the nutty Brazilian base and the Ugandan beans provide the berry flavours. The dark roast allows the chocolatey, nutty flavours to cut through milk coffees and deliver a great complex coffee taste.

Strength- 5, Dark, Slow Roasted

Origins- Brazil, Costa Rica & Uganda

Orb 101 – 100% Arabica Beans

A 100% Arabica bean blend designed to deliver complex flavours through an espresso process. Using a medium to dark roast has allowed the strong base created by the sweet Colombian and chocolatey Brazilian beans to give a balanced, nutty flavour and smooth mouth feel while the East African beans put the sweet and fruity flavours on top.

Strength- 4, Medium Roasted

Origins- Colombia, Brazil & Uganda

Orb 101 Fair Trade – 100% Arabica Beans

The Fairtrade blend delivers exceptional balance to espresso with fruity Ethiopian notes and bright acidity. We lightly roast this 100% Arabica blend to highlight all the floral notes, inherent with beans sourced from Peru, Brazil and Ethiopia. Layers of chocolate, raisin, and apple notes, together with nutty, caramel and cinnamon notes deliver a perfectly balanced flat white.

Strength- Light to Medium Roasted

Origins- Peru, Brazil and Ethiopia

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