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The snow has arrived!

The long period of waiting is over and the mountains have their glorious blanket of snow to play in. There have been some fantastic powder days following the cold snap and stormy weather from last weekend.

With the snow in time for our school holidays we will be looking forward to more visitors to our area and spending in our cafes,  restaurants and accomodation to give us all a much needed boost.

So be ready for the additional customers and make sure you have your upsells on hand to maximise that spend when they are in your establishment.

Some upsell ideas:

Use one of our ranges of Monin or Shott cafe syrups to add to either coffee or hot chocolate, or just add  hot water to Monin Ice Teas or Shotts Lemon, Ginger and Honey as a fantastic stand alone drink. Check out more on these syrups here.

TIP: make sure the offer for additional syrup or ‘flavour of the day’ is displayed where the customer orders, this will maximise that impulse purchase decision.

Have easy add on food items like cookies available at the counter. We  stock the Molly Woppy cookie range which are individually wrapped and we can supply a special stand for these if required. The range includes the mini gingerbread men (really popular with the younger ones) and ‘Gluten Free’ cookies amongst others.

As always contact us with any questions on the above or to organise a sample. We love to discuss ways to help  improve customer spend.

Stay safe, enjoy the winter.

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