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Winter Warmers

With the colder temperatures arriving I thought I would quickly give you some great ideas on what  you can offer your customers to help warm them up.

Lets take a look at some great syrups that can be served by just adding hot water.

 Brand New and Hot from Shott.

 Honey Blackcurant – Blackcurrant is fantastic on its own but is even more delicious with a special blend of  South Island Honey.

 Spiced Berry – Rich and fruity made from real blackberry and elderberry juices spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. A wonderful winter toddy, also a delicious base for  mulled wine.

 And we can’t forget the original Lemon, Ginger and Honey with fresh crushed ginger root, squeezed lemon juice, and Kiwi clover honey. A new twist on an old fashioned idea. This is awesome, you need to try it.

Monin Iced Tea can be made hot.

Monin Ice Tea becomes a fantastic hot fruit tea in the winter months. Just add hot water to the syrup and serve. Cost per 300ml serve approx $0.56c

The Monin Ice Tea flavours are Lemon, Mango, Peach and Raspberry.

 What are the benefits of these syrups to you?

Extremely easy to serve, very profitable and great tasting.

Don’t forget about the opportunity to upsell with your hot chocolate, just add a flavour like Monin Toffeenut and you have a new fantastic tasting  drink to offer. Just like adding flavours to your latte.

Contact us to arrange a sample or order your syrups.

Have a safe and warm Easter!

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