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Coffee and Frappe Takeaway Cups

Coffee & Equipment supply to a wide area including Central Otago, Timaru, Ashburton, West Coast, Te Anau and The Waitaki District.

We also supply a wide range of take away coffee cups to suit every cafe and price range. Contact your Coffee & Equipment sales representative for more information.


Single Skin Non Branded

Carton                                            Sleeve

3oz short black cups                                                        50
8oz Small Cup                           x 500                              25
12oz Med Cup                          x 500                             20
16oz Lge Cup                            x 300                              15

Uni Lid (8/12/16oz)              x1000                           100


Enviro Cup

Ripple Cup

Carton                                             Sleeve

Small Cup 8oz                                 x 500                           25
Medium Cup 12oz                       x 500                           25
Large Cup 16oz                             x 500                           25

8oz/12/16oz Lid                           x1000                        50

Double Skin

Carton                                              Sleeve

Small Cup 8oz                                 x 500                        25
Medium Cup 12oz                        x 500                        25
Large Cup 16oz                              x 500                        25

Uni Lid 8/12/16oz                        x1000                       50

Dome Frappe Cup and Lids

Carton                                               Sleeve

Dome Cup 16oz                            x1000                            50
Dome Lid                                           x1000                            50

Coffee Carry Trays

Carton                                              Sleeve

2 Cup Carry Trays                         x 300                             25
4 Cup Carry Trays                         x 300                             25



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