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Hot Chocolate has never been so EXCITING!

Shott Chocolate Complement bottlesNew hot chocolate flavour enhancers from Shott have arrived!

 To help you expand your market and increase your customer spend Shott has come up with these four exciting hot chocolate complements.

Your customers will jump at the chance to enjoy hot chocolate in a whole new way. This new range offers more choices for your current customers to indulge and fresh opportunities for you to entice customers to reinvent the drink they know. Delicious new taste sensations will add sweetness to your bottom line.

The fanatstic flavours are:

Chilli Ginger: Distinctive taste of ginger with the added heat of chillis.

Flamed Orange: Deep refreshing citrusy orange adds a little sweet and a lot of zing. Think Jaffa only better.

Mayan Spice: Take chocolate in a whole new direction with this cinnamon, spikey spicy flavouring.

Wild Peppermint: Classic fresh, clean, mint-packed tatse that works wonders with chocolate.

Get these on board and expand your hot beverage offering. It takes only 12mls of syrup added to your hot chocolate to make this delicious hot chocclate treat. 

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