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How to increase your cafe sales with smoothies

As the weather is getting warmer (yay!) enquiries for our smoothie and frappes are on the increase and I am fielding questions on the preparation and advantages of using the flavour bases. Sooo the subject for this blog has been decided.

People are no longer going to cafes just for hot coffee; they are enjoying the smoothie and frappe offerings especially during the hotter months.

In fact in the States some coffee houses are seeing up to 40% of their sales are being generated by smoothie and frappe drinks over summer. This is a huge figure and one that points to the necessity of expanding your offering to capture more of the market. People are loving the cold signature blended drinks being made.

Here in NZ I have seen many of our cafes really doing a great trade with their smoothies and frappes. Are you missing out on extra sales by not offering these options?

Where I think the greatest advantage of using our Shott Frappe base with the fruit smoothie concentrates or syrups is the portion control and ease of preparation.

Just follow the recipe to get the same consistent result, saves both TIME and COST, both essential in today’s business environment.

If you are wanting to start with these smoothies and frappes but are not sure about how to make them or if they will work for you, then please contact us to organise a sample or better still book an on-site demonstration (only available in the Central Otago, South Canterbury regions). We will only book a demonstration for those that are seriously considering adding these options to their business. We value your time as much as ours.


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