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How Do I Clean the Burrs of my Coffee Grinder?

Cleaning the burrs on your coffee grinder is now made easy.

Our friends from Cafetto who were the company who bought us the worlds first organic espresso cleaner Evo, have now bought us a fantastic new grinder cleaner to help us with keepingĀ our important equipment clean.

‘Cafetto grinder Clean’ cleans grinder burrs and casings, as well as removes flavoured coffee odours. It is completely food save made with 100% natural cereal, and is gluten free so any residue dust will not impact on your customers. A small amount of dust may develop during grinding but is harmless.

How to use:

Generally once a month is all that is required, with one 750gĀ  jar giving you 10 doses on smaller grinders.

Empty grinder hopper of all coffee, 1 capful for small grinders or 2 for larger grinders is added to the empty hopper. Adjust the grind to a medium setting (please take note of where your grinder is set brfore doing this) and grind the product through. Empty out the doser and brush any residue from the grinder and doser. Re-season the grinder by adding beans and grinding some off. Next reset the grinder back to the coffee setting and you are good to go.

We have run this through our grinder here at work and it works fantastically well, we now stock and sell this product because it is a quick and easy solution to removing coffee build up from grinders which otherwise gets put in the too hard basket.

At only $25.00 + GST this is a great addition to the Cafetto cleaning range.

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